The Zodiac, Wrap Up

I started The Zodiac series two and a half months ago. Looking for a side project which I could work on in my "down time", I decided it would be enjoyable to illustrate each astrological sign. I'm incredibly fascinated by symbols and the hidden meaning of things. In addition, I've always been interested in Astrology. Though it's just recently that I became interested enough to research each sign individually.

All of these artworks were free-handed, except for "Aries" and "Taurus", which I used a compass to assist me in making nice perfect curves and circles. Also, each of the drawings has a flower integrated into the symbol. I have a deep love for Lotus/Mandala style flowers, so it felt fitting to draw a unique flower for each symbol. I like that the flowers are individually unique, but bring a sort of consistency to the series.

(left; the "Anja" Chakra Symbol drawing which gave me the idea to illustrate The Zodiac. 
right; the "Gemini" Drawing. One of my favorites from the series.)

It has been enjoyable to have a project which I can come to when I feel like it, and not have to force myself to work on it. Amazingly enough, working on this project seems to have re-awakening my passions for painting and drawing. I truly miss creating intricate works, spending weeks on a single artwork. I'm hoping to make more time in my busy schedule to do more drawing and painting.

After completing this series, I've found this incredible surge of inspiration to keep working on these types of artworks. I have actually developed 3 or 4 new art series based off of these drawings. And I'm planning to continue working on them until it no longer satisfies me. I've actually already started the next series and it's turning out wonderful! I'll be sharing the first half of that project when it's ready!

I hope you've enjoyed my latest series of drawings! I would love to hear what you think about them!

peace & love,

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