Mean Cats & Pretty Flowers

For the past three years, I've been compulsively drawing angry cats juxtaposed with flowers, symbols, and intricate designs. These works are some of my favorites.

"Weatherbox" by Kaylee Hinrichs
Mixed Media, Encastic Painting, Oil Paint, Waxes, Acrylic. 2009.

This original painting was selected for The Congressional Competition of Arizona in 2 districts (Tempe, Chandler). In addition, this painting was shown at The Arizona Historical Society Museum.

I had no idea that this painting would inspire drawings and idea for years to come.

(The drawing that started everything)
"Weatherbox" by Kaylee Hinrichs.
Graphite, 2009.
81/2in. x 11in.

"King Friend" by Kaylee Hinrichs, 2009. Inks.

Although the cats are mean-looking, they are teeming with color, symbols, details, three eyes, flowers, and beauty. They are filled with symbols of love, expression, freedom, and beauty. 

 "Open Your Mind" by Kaylee Hinrichs.
Inks, Nov. 2010. 8 1/2in. x 11in.

 "Be Free" by Kaylee Hinrichs. Inks.
2010, 81/2in. x 11in.

"Love Blossoms" by Kaylee Hinrichs. Inks.
2011. 81/2in. x 11in. 



Chunky Blue:A Macramé Story

The first time I can remember ever messing around with Macrame, was in 2nd or 3rd grade perhaps. We were learning how to create Lanyards. Even as a young child, I remember the joyfully simplicity of repeating combinations of knots and tying the strings. I relate it to the joy many people feel from conquering a math problem. You follow the equations, plug in the numbers, solve it all up, and eureka! It's done!

From Lanyards, I learned some basic Macramé techniques from my friends, (who learned it from their cooler, older sisters). I began using hemp string, in a natural color, thick gauge, to make very simple jewelry.

After I mastered the basic knots required for most Macramé work, I took off.
I incorporate a wide variety of different objects and things into my jewelry. It is often very colorful, (yet matching and tasteful), chunky and organic. I use wide varieties of cords and strings, multiple colors and types. I also incorporate glass, plastic, wooden beads, seashells, and more. 

My latest creation is Chunky Blue.

"Chunky Blue" by Kaylee Hinrichs.
Jewelry, Bamboo threads, Hemp threads,
wooden beads, glass bead, button. April 2011.

It's been a challenge to decide whether or not to sell things I create (besides my mixed media work). Especially so with the Macramé Jewelry. I've created dozens of really awesome bracelets and necklaces which I give away. I've also sold a few to people, and made hundreds of things just for myself.
I feel like such an idiot for never taking pictures of any of the jewelery I made over the years.

But there's no time to start like the present.



New Additions to my Mixed Media Series

"Open Your Eyes"

"Open Your Eyes" By Kaylee Hinrichs
Mixed media, acrylic paint, oil pastels, graphite, inks, emphera.
April 2011, 17in. x 12in.

This is the first addition to my newest mixed media series. I haven't quite wrestled out the real meaning behind why I'm creating these artworks. But I'm entranced in the process so far.

It's very easy to get lost in a painting like this. But I think that's why I like it so much.
It's chaotic, it's heavy, it's vibrant, it's bright and beautiful.
It's very much my style. Intense and chaotic.

 A detail shot of the painting.

For those who are not familiar with the symbol I included in this art, it's the symbol of the third eye chakra. The "Anja" is responsible for allowing one to see which cannot be seen. To view past this reality and physical state, and to see without judgement. This is a re-occurring symbol in my work. I often use my artwork to communicate ideas about spirituality and deeper understanding.

 A macro shot of "Open Your Eyes"

The levels of layers is amazing. I love the texture and movement that this artwork has. When I casually look at this art work from a distance, the seahorses appear to be dancing and moving. It's very playful, very childlike.

Works in Progress

This was an old painting that wasn't doing it for me anymore. I utilized the perfectly good material and painted over it, beginning to build up the layers.

I love the way the blues, yellows, and greens swirl into each other and take on this very "marbled" effect. It contrasts very well with the simple ochre and oxide layer.

This is yet another work in progress. I tend to have at least 10 artworks going on at any given time. This one is new though, something I just threw together a couple days ago. I almost considered not doing anything else with it because it looks so interesting and abstract. 

A detail shot of the work in progress.

I've got a few other things brewing around in my studio. I should be completing and releasing these artworks later this week!
Thanks for reading. Stay tuned.



Mixed Media: Sneak Peek

my painting area

This is a sneak peek of my newest mixed media series! I'm very jazzed up about this series. It does so much for me and they look intense and beautiful in person. If you love texture and layers, you will love these paintings I'll be releasing soon.

I've been banging my head on a wall, trying to find meaning in why I keep creating these paintings.
Today, I had a sort of revelation. (I wrote a simplified version of this on my arm when I thought of it.)
"I take order, perfectly organized paints and jars of pigments and colors, and throw them onto a canvas. Thus, I create chaos. As the painting continues, shapes emerge and ideas along with them. So, I tone back the chaos, bringing order back into the artwork.  But eventually, I get bored with the order and invite more chaos. The work continues to evolve this way, growing and changing. It is complete when it tells me a story about it's journey and the idea behind it."
This body of work is the one I'm identifying with most right now. I'm intending to pursue exploring this exciting new way of creating art that I've discovered.

 I will most likely be keeping one or two of the originals from this first series, but I'm putting the rest for sale and those to come after. If you want to keep tabs on when I release these artworks, follow this blog, or bookmark my art website.



Inspired: Go After It

“You can’t wait for inspiration,
you have to go after it with a club.”
— Jack London

Go find beauty. Enjoy it. 

Art Journal Pages (April)

I was skeptical of the art journal idea at first, I'll admit that.

I struggled to understand how someone so talented could spend so much time creating artwork in a journal, when they could pump out masterpieces and beautiful works of art.

But eventually I came to realize that the artist cannot express everything they feel through their chosen art form. Some things are not meant for the world to see, some things need to be thought out more, some things need to be tested first, and some things just need to get out and onto the paper. And for those reasons, art journals make a lot of sense for the working artist.

I see plenty of other artists who conquer the art journal and know it so well. They dive into journal after journal, build up stacks and stacks of memories recording their lives and creative processes. I longed for that sort of documentation of my existence. Not just a diary, or a book of graphite sketches, but a raw examination of myself, my life, and my view of reality.

After picking up some basics on the ideas of art journals and how I should use them in my creative journey, I decided to dive in. This month I'm working in another journal from 1 1/2 years ago; to fill it's pages and make it into something really special.
(I love the illustrated spine on the spine of the journal. It's adds this very comical and raw, exposed touch to the book.)

Art Journal Pages April 2011 
(Finished & In Progress)

Left: A drawing from my high school years, accompanied with a personal manifesto of sorts.
Right: A mixed media still-life of my dogs at playtime.

Left: A mixed media collage with a photo from Arizona.
Right: A watercolor doodle I made from high school. 

Part 1 of a 2 page Diptych on my creativity and muses.

Left: A mixed media collage containing lyrics which I've used repeatedly in my recent work. (I love this one a lot.) 
Right: An in-progress journal page. Not sure where I'm heading with this one yet.

A complete experimentation which has led me to obsessively drawing faces in wild, bright colors. I'm in love with this idea. It's very meditative.

An in-progress spread. I'm excited to see where this one goes.

More colored faces.

I made this spread because I was really enjoying my day yesterday. Everything felt so right and peaceful. Especially the colors. It was like all the colors were brighter.

This page has a lot of depth to it, and I'd like to take a minute and point out my thought process.
I've been thinking very seriously how I can use my artistic talents to speak for the things I believe in. I'm very much against killing any form of life (people, animals, plants), but more specifically I strongly oppose war.

The photo above is from an article which was discussing slavery in Niger. The government officials of the country pretend that it does not exist, and that all is well. The group photographed above are insurgents fighting for freedom from their tyrannical government. 
At first, one may think, "Yes, that's right! Fight for your freedom and beliefs! Don't let anyone step on you!
But, look closely and you'll see that I wrote "Kill 4 Peace" on one of the men's T-shirts. Because it's all very ironic. Can you really kill for peace? Doesn't killing someone (regardless of how cruel/insane/murderous they may be), to promote peace, defeat the purpose of what "peace" is all about? And that's what this artwork is saying. The text which accompanies it is from a great song by Gus Gus; it reads "I fight fire with fire when I'm in this state. If I can't find love, I guess I'll hate."
We can all choose peace and love, over fear and hatred.
No more war. No more killing. No more pain. 

Left: Watercolor painting/collage, and my thoughts on beauty in life.
Right: A small collage prepped for more detail work.

This page is done, I'm pretty sure. 
I wanted it to be simple. Speak loads, be colorful, but not too busy.
I think I succeeded. 

Look forward to more journal pages soon, as we have become the best of friends.

Oh, and if anybody has any good ideas for keeping art journals in one piece as they grow big, please let me know. The pages of this journal are tearing a bit and I'm fearing it may fall apart before I finish it.




Matchbook Art: "Eighteen Years" & "Happiness"

I have an affinity for up-cycling trash into art. I especially have a soft spot for small, little boxes which can hold tiny treasures. After a good hunt, I came up with two empty matchboxes and decided to see if I could make them into "art".

Materials: dictionary paper, magazine paper, threads, collage, inks, twigs, hemp, beads, resin bottle caps, paper butterflies, a fortune, acrylic.
Text: Look around; happiness is trying to catch you.
Photo: Bob Marley

"Eighteen Years"
Materials: magazine paper, dictionary paper, collage, maps, inks, acrylic paint, tea bag tags, beads, colored hemp string.

I've come to the conclusion that I am completely obsessed with making matchbook art. And it's actually very fun, but takes a lot of time, thought, and consideration for themes and concepts. 

New Acrylic Painting: The Inside

"The Inside"
Acrylic on Glass
By: Kaylee Hinrichs
March 2011
4in. x 6in.

I've picked up one of my old techniques that I really enjoy; painting on glass. It's a very interesting medium to work with. Glass, (unlike canvas, paper, cardboard, fabric) has no grain or texture. So paint doesn't take to the glass very well. Although, it can be done. It's a challenge to work with, but the results are really amazing.

Using multiple layers of glass and paint, I can build up a whole world with foreground, backgrounds, and multiple grounds in between. It makes the two dimensional, into three dimensional. 

Artist Trading Cards

I recently finished my Artist Trading Cards for the month of February. Somehow I became busy, and my commitment to create a set of 6 cards each month fell by the wayside. I decided not to kick myself too hard for not finishing them by the end of February, considering the cards are just for myself.

The theme for the month of February is typically love, or something having to do with that matter. Since this is my first year of cards, I thought I would follow suit and see if I could do something different with it.

I wanted to stay away from hearts, the word "love", and any other common symbols. I ended up with something that I think is rather unique and special.

Pink, the color of love, is splashed about on each card. The brown paper on each card is from the bouquet of flowers I received for my anniversary with Daniel. The two white doves, obvious symbols of love. The feathery, realistic birds are mine. And the other more detailed, designed doves are Daniel's.

"Love" February ATC Collection. (6 of 6)
By: Kaylee Hinrichs
Additional Design: Daniel Icaza
Dictionary, fancy paper, inks, acrylics, watercolor
Feb. 2011 - March 2011
2 1/2in. x 3 1/2in.