The Solar System Series, Part Two

The Solar System Series is a collection of 11 drawings featuring the planetary symbols. Each drawing is filled with symbols and details about each planetary body. I'll elaborate on the details of each drawing so you can really appreciate the symbology I incorporated into each piece.
(This collection was inspired by a similar series I completed months ago, titled "The Zodiac". )

Jupiter. The Solar System Series. By Kaylee Hinrichs. April 2012. Inks.

Element Make-Up: Hydrogen, Helium
Metal Symbol: Tin
Main Satellites: Ganymede, Castillo, Europa, Io
Total Number of Satellites: 66

Saturn. The Solar System Series. By Kaylee Hinrichs. April 2012. Inks.

Element Make-Up: N/A
Metal  Element: Lead
Main Satellites: Titan
Total Number of Satellites: 62, (53 of those are named.).

Uranus. The Solar System Series. By Kaylee Hinrichs. April 2012. Inks.

Element Make-Up: Hydrogen, Helium
Metal  Element: Platinum
Main Satellites: Titania, Miranda, Ariel, Umbriel, Oberon.
Total Number of Satellites: 27

Neptune. The Solar System Series. By Kaylee Hinrichs. April 2012. Inks.

Element Make-Up: Hydrogen, Helium
Metal  Element: Lime
Main Satellites: Naid, Thalassa, Despina, Galatea, Larissa, Proteus, Triton
Total Number of Satellites: 13

Pluto. The Solar System Series. By Kaylee Hinrichs. April 2012. Inks.

Element Make-Up: Frozen Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide, Methane.
Metal Element: N/A
Main Satellites: Charon, Nix, Hydra
Total Number of Satellites: 4

Although I'm sad that this series is concluded, I'm so pleased to see the final results of all my hard work.  I've had some ideas for expanding on these series. (Making them larger, and painting them in full color.) It will be a while before I can re-visit these collections of drawings and update them, but I'm already looking forward to it.

peace & love,


Afternoon Dream Serum

Afternoon Dream Serum, Mandala No. 2. By Kaylee Hinrichs. June 2012. Inks. Commission Piece.

Afternoon Dream Serum, Mandala No. 3. By Kaylee Hinrichs. June 2012. Inks. Commission Piece.

Afternoon Dream Serum, Mandala No. 4. By Daniel Icaza w/ Kaylee Hinrichs. June 2012. Inks. Commission Piece.

For the past couple weeks, Daniel and I have been collaborating to develop a Mandala artwork for the band, Afternoon Dream Serum. It's been an amazing experience. Listening to the un-released music, getting input from the band members, and discussing concepts with Daniel.

I listened to their album while working on the Mandala pieces. While I only had the un-mastered, instrumental versions, I was floored with the music.

peace & love,


Recent Projects

I've been working away quietly and steadily on my numerous projects for the past couple weeks, but I wanted to give a quick update on what I've been up to.  Lately I've had to narrow down, focus, and really get to work on some projects that have been shelved for a while. I'm hoping to get these big projects complete so I can return to sharing my weekly posts and projects.

Commissioned Artworks. I have a couple fine art commissions that I've been working on this week. One of the projects involves a Mandala with specific colors and motifs. Daniel and I are putting the finishing touches on the pieces, and then I'll be able to share them here. (They are some of the best Mandalas I've ever made, I think.)

A Studio Clean-Up. My studio spaces have fell into complete disarray over the past month. I've been insanely busy in between my dozens of different projects. So I'm going to be gutting out my spaces, and organizing them again. As a result, I've been swooning over perfect work spaces and getting inspiration for this giant clean up.

The Solar System Series, Completed. I realized a couple days ago that I never shared the second half of The Solar System Series! I was absolutely shocked to realize my mistake. So I'll be photographing the last five works as soon as possible to share.

peace & love,


DIY Collection #010

This DIY Collection is rather short, but incredibly sweet. Unfortunately I've been too busy to craft for a while, but I'm starting to get the "itch" again! These projects are just the thing to get me inspired to make lovely things this summer.

peace & love,


Twelve Mandalas

I started making Mandalas again while on my vacation. I created 12 full color ink Mandala drawings in my sketchbook. I'm very proud of the Mandalas I made, and each one represents something different and special. They symbolize feelings like love, trust, and safety. But also encompass ideas of spirituality, personal growth, and similar concepts.

"Mandala #1: Four Corners". By Kaylee Hinrichs. May 2012. Inks.

"Mandala #2: Flower of Life". By Kaylee Hinrichs. May 2012. Inks.

"Mandala #3: Change & Growth". By Kaylee Hinrichs. May 2012. Inks.

"Mandala #4: Spiraling". By Kaylee Hinrichs. May 2012. Inks.

"Mandala #5: To Infinity & Beyond". By Kaylee Hinrichs. May 2012. Inks.

"Mandala #6: The Elements". By Kaylee Hinrichs. May 2012. Inks.

"Mandala #7: With The Flow". By Kaylee Hinrichs. May 2012. Inks.

"Mandala #8: Rain Flower". By Kaylee Hinrichs. May 2012. Inks.

"Mandala #9: Rainbow Lace". By Kaylee Hinrichs. May 2012. Inks.

"Mandala #10: Spirit & Soul". By Kaylee Hinrichs. May 2012. Inks.

"Mandala #11: With Love". By Kaylee Hinrichs. May 2012. Inks.

"Mandala #12: The Virgo". By Kaylee Hinrichs. May 2012. Inks.

Making Mandalas is one of my most favorite activities. I love to design new framework for each drawing, and use specific patterns of color to convey emotions and ideas. I'll probably continue to make these drawings for a long while as it is an incredibly relaxing process.

peace & love, 


SHOPLOVE: Art For The Studio

I'm getting ready to decorate my studio walls for the first time. There are many large wall spaces that need to filled with lovely artworks. I love planning the layout of paintings in a wall, it's a lot like designing posts for my blogs, or creating big mood boards. I would love to hang these four prints in my workspace. They are so colorful and inspirational.

peace & love,


Fresh Design, New Series

(The new Birch & Bees design. Clean & Fresh.)

Once again, things are looking a bit different around here. As I mentioned, I've been working out all sorts of great ideas for my blogs and shops. This fresh design is one of them! I know I frequently change the look of this blog, but this time the new design is a reflection of some changes happening within the blog as well.

Clean Design. This design is the probably one of the best I've come up with so far. I've decided to focus on two fonts, three shades of color, hexagons and circles. It's the perfect combination of shapes and colors for me. 

A New Focus. I've removed my photo and links from the sidebar and put them in my "About" page. Mostly because I've realized that the true purpose of Birch & Bees is not for me to talk about all that I do. I think I've always wanted Birch & Bees to be a gallery of all that is inspiring and beautiful in the art world. It's only just now that I've begun to embrace that idea.

The Artist Life Series. As I'm starting to treat this space as a gallery, I've decided to start a brand new feature. The Artist Life Series is an interview series with creators, makers, and artists from all over. I love reading interviews with creative folks, so I'm really excited about this series!

Curated Collections. I've also decided to share more curated collections of art, crafts, and creations from other talented artists. These collections will be tastefully organized and visually enchanting. My desire is to share amazing handmade goods available today and generate exposure for the people who create them.

I'll still be sharing my latest creations on the Studio Saturday feature. I'll also continue to share my Project 365 Instagram photos until the Project concludes. But you can expect less personal updates to show up here, and more posts sharing other art, artists, and inspiration.

peace & love,


In The Month of May

(Samson on a sunny day, Fresh Watermelon for breakfast
Tie-Dye & Dip-Dyed hair, Lush green grass)

I decided to take a break from working this month. I felt really burnt out and needed to take a break from working to relax and dream up some new ideas. 
It turned out to be very rejuvenating and enjoyable. I watched endless marathons of The Twilight Zone, (classic 60's version, of course). I created a dozen Mandalas in my sketchbook. I took lots of photographs, worked in my art journals, and played in photoshop. I had plenty of time to rest, relax, and get inspired all over again. 

(Homemade Doughnuts, Playing with paper crafts
Drawing a lot of mandalas, Watching The Twilight Zone)

It's been so relaxing and enjoyable to dream new ideas. While on my break, I did a lot of brainstorming about my blogs, shops, and how I spend my time. I've had so many revelations about improvements I want to make. I've spent a lot of my vacation time refining these ideas and bringing them to life. I'm still in the process of bringing these ideas to fruition, but I'll be sharing the new changes very soon!

(Editing pretty photos of my new collection, A half complete mandala
Looking at my pretty papers, Iced coffee and dreaming up projects)

peace & love,