About Kaylee

My name is Kaylee Hinrichs, I'm an artist/designer from Arizona.
When I was ten years old, my first watercolor painting was exhibited in a public art show. From that point on, I was hooked on art. Sketchbooks piled up in my room, supplies were all I wanted, and I held childhood dreams of curating an entire museum by myself. I decided to dedicate my time, energy, and talent into creating art that brings joy to myself and those around me.

With my expertise in color and design, I produced many experimental and established bodies of work. I went on to share my paintings in numerous venues, such as; THINK! Gallery, The Arizona Historical Society Museum, and Art One Gallery. With such a positive reception to my creations from the local community, I decided to take my artistic adventures abroad. To be immersed in a new culture, stir up inspiration, and share with new audiences.

Currently, I work from the lush rain-forests of Costa Rica. Along with my boyfriend & best friend, Daniel Icaza, who also happens to be an incredibly talented metal-smith and visual artist. We create collaborative art, drink a lot of coffee, and play with our two dogs.

A few of my favorite things are; Taking photographs, painting, studying symbology in foreign cultures, myths and legends, delicious beverages, and meeting other artists/creators.

THE BLOG Birch & Bees began in July 2007, and has turned into a full-fledged art/craft blog. Unlike most blogs, I curate content on a monthly basis. Those columns include "Artist Life" Interviews, inspiration, diy's, projects I make, amazing art, handmade shops, and more. (More about the columns on Birch & Bees.)

* Looking For Artists To Interview - I'm still looking for artists/creators/makers of all types to interview for my newest column, "Artist Life". If you are interested in being interviewed, please contact me at: birchandbees(at)gmail.com for more information.

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THE SHOP In the Birch & Bees Shop, I sell my original one-of-a-kind watercolor paintings. My current work revolves around animals and playing with color. I release brand new paintings periodically and share shop updates on the blog. (Visit The B&B Shop...)

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