ArtShop: Kangaroos, Owls, & Whales

These thirteen paintings are the newest editions to my "Colors & Animals" Series! This most recent addition of artworks are some of my favorite pieces. I've had fun creating color schemes and choosing new animals to illustrate. I'm already planning new paintings for another update. As always, I'm open for custom commissioned artworks. (You can email me at birchandbees@gmail.com to get your own colorful animal paintings.)
Enjoy the new artworks!

(The Whale. By Kaylee Hinrichs. November 2012. Watercolor and Inks. 8.5" x 5.5")

(The Rhino, The Kangaroo. By Kaylee Hinrichs. November/October 2012. Watercolor and Inks. 2.75" x 4.25")
(The Ostrich. By Kaylee Hinrichs. November 2012. Watercolor and Inks. 8.5" x 5.5") 
(The Jellyfish, The Owl. By Kaylee Hinrichs. October 2012. Watercolor and Inks. 2.75" x 4.25") 
(The Bat, The Frog. By Kaylee Hinrichs. November 2012. Watercolor and Inks. 2.75" x 4.25") 
(The Thylacine. By Kaylee Hinrichs. December 2012. Watercolor and Inks. 8.5" x 5.5")
(The Dinosaur, The Dodo, The Mammoth, The Saber Tooth Tiger. By Kaylee Hinrichs. 
December 2012. Watercolor and Inks. 2.75" x 4.25")

All of these paintings are available in my ArtShop, check them out today!

I hope you enjoyed these paintings!

peace & love,

Goodbye Twenty Twelve

January | I created my first Script Painting.
February | I shared How I Organize My Small Business.
March | I shot my first Black and White Photoshoot.

April | I created Four Wall Art Sculptures to challenge myself.
May | I created Quilled Paper Artworks to further challenge myself.
June | I created 15 Mandalas3 of them were commissioned (and later used as album art!)

July | I developed focus and clarity.
August | I designed a new series of paintings, and shared a sneak peak from my sketches.
September | I celebrated my birthday and shared 10 things about me.


October | I completed my Photo 365 Project.
December | I shared my holiday wishlist

2012 was a mixture of ups and downs.
I celebrated great successes and conversely dealt with great challenges. Through the course of the year, I returned to my passion for painting. I experimented with many mediums and materials. I discovered new forms of art and soaked in the inspiration everywhere I could find it.

I came alive with creative energy, but also had many slow times where I couldn't bring a pen to the page. This year I created clothing, bags, pouches, photographs, sketches, paintings, writings, articles, tutorials, crafts, drawings, illustrations, sculptures, and plenty more.

2012 was a year of learning and growth. Through my joys and hardships, I continued to gain new insights. I learned about creating and making, especially when I didn't feel inspired to do so.

It was a year of letting in the light so I could see a little more clearly.

It was a year for preparing, planning, and gathering focus. This year was full of challenges, but I'm viewing it as a catalyst for a new year of possibility and joy. I'm thankful for all that I've endured and learned, but I'm quite pleased to say goodbye to 2012.

I hope 2012 treated you well. Now, onto 2013! 
Happy New Year friends!

peace & love,


Around Here

(Cleaning paintbrushes, Admiring the beautiful moon,
New Year's fun, My art on a CD!)

The holidays were an absolute whirlwind! I had lots of fun making handmade gifts, going to parties, watching fireworks, and drinking excessive amounts of hot cocoa. Well, as it flew by so quickly, I wanted to share a couple of the high-lights from the last few weeks.

New Year's Eve was spent with Daniel and our dogs, watching a huge fireworks display. It was really perfect.
My Mandalas were featured as CD art! The musical group Afternoon Dream Serum used my mandalas as artwork for their full-length album. (I'm extremely enamored that they chose my artwork and the music is incredible too.)
I added many new paintings to the ArtShop. Including a new format and a Limited Edition series!
I've made some goals and plans for 2013. 

I also spent a lot of time admiring the beautiful full moon, photographing the sunrise, and star-gazing. It's been peaceful and relaxing. 2013 certainly caught me by surprise and I have a little catching up to do! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season!

peace & love,