The “Artist Life” is a new interview series which will be starting soon on Birch & Bees. I’m contacting talented artists/creators everywhere and conducting interviews with them. If you enjoy getting a peak into the workspaces, studios, creations, and daily lives of creative people, then you’ll definitely want to check out this series when it begins. (Also, if you are interested in being interviewed and sharing your work with others, then feel free to contact me at birchandbees(at) I would love to hear from you!)

In my free time, I love coming up with DIY tutorials to share. My projects are usually centered around home decor, jewelry/style, and art techniques. Each of my tutorials walk you through the steps of a project from materials to completion; with ample photos, written descriptions, and extra ideas.

THE BEST: The Button Bracelet // Lacy Leg Warmers // Feather & Shell Wall Hanging

Each week I share inspirational materials; collections of photos, quotes, music, books, videos, design, art, craft, etc. The form and subjects vary from post to post, but they are wholly inspiring and motivating. (If you're starving for pretty images, I share them daily on Sous La Lune & my photoblog.)

THE BEST: Make Art // Outer Space // Workspace Envy

I make a lot of things. I get the "crafting itch" at least once a week and I just have to make something new. The creations vary from personal/for fun projects, to complex portfolio pieces. I'm always hunting for new projects, techniques, and materials to try.

THE BEST: Wall Art Sculptures // B&W Photoshoot // Twelve Mandalas

Each month I curate a collection of the best DIY projects from other creators. I compile these beautiful projects into a single location for your viewing and crafting pleasures. It's an eclectic mix of tutorials and simple projects that will keep you entertained on many rainy afternoons.

THE BEST#007 // #008 // #009

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