Collected: Antique Keys

Last year, I came across a goldmine of vintage house keys and other types of keys, which gave me the idea to start my own collection of old keys. I've enjoyed using them in jewelry designs and displaying them around my home. The keys are all aged, colored by the elements, full of little scratches and dents. I adore the unique beauty of each key.

When Daniel took his business trip to Italy in September, he returned with a few gifts for me. (One of them being the key on the right.) To my surprise, Daniel had another beautiful vintage key for me, which he gave to me on Valentine's Day. These two are definitely my favorite pieces, mostly because they are much bigger and shaped differently than the others.

(wearing my antique key as a pendant)

Since my collection has grown considerably, I'm trying to find nice ways of displaying my collection. The best ideas I've had are hanging them by individual strings on a mobile or wall hanging. But I haven't decided which would be best yet.

Do you have any collections? And if so, what are they?

peace & love, 

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