Keys To Happiness

This evening I whipped up a cute little necklace with a key that I found. It's incredibly simple, but very beautiful. I love the way it turned out. Upon realizing how adorable this necklace turned out, I scoured a box full of old, used keys and found some beauties. I took many of the small keys. (Seriously, some of the keys I photographed are tiny!) I figured they would make really cute necklaces.

I'm thinking of taking a few of these and testing a patina on them to see if I can make them look even older and more colorful.

I've been considering making up a Limited Edition line of old key necklaces to sell in my shop.
To be completely honest I don't want to sell any of these keys, just because they're all so beautiful and interesting. But there's no way I could find justification for owning so many key necklaces!

What do you think? Do old keys make beautiful necklaces? (I must say, I'm smitten.)


  1. cute :) I might paint the key white or something though?


  2. I adore old keys, my boyfriend and I spend time sifting through them at each antique store we encounter.