Collected: Feathers

I have some collections I'm always working on; rings, dread beads, bracelets, vintage bottles, and feathers.

My feather collection is probably my most prized collection because of how sparse and large it already is. I have 30 feathers to date, including Peacock feathers, Parrot feathers, Seabird feathers, Blackbird feathers, and more. Costa Rica has 400 different species of birds, so every time you walk outside you see a bird that you've never seen before. Pretty much guaranteed.

Up the hill from our home, where we play fetch with our dogs, there are dozens and dozens of birds. We watch them play, find mates, build their nests, have little baby birds. Occasionally, I find a feather or two of theirs to add to my collection.

I have never bought a  feather before, but I may do it in the future.I long to have a few male Peacock feathers, a Macaw feather, an Barn Owl feather... Most of which are hard to find and usually must be purchased.

Do you have any collections? What do you like to collect?

peace & love,

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  1. this is lovely! i love how varied your feathers are.

    coincidentally, i've accidentally begun collecting feathers recently. it started innocently enough, i picked one up as i walked to work...now i have 5 - one i brought back from ireland when i visited 2 weeks ago :)