As Of Lately

  • I've been craving summer. I miss summers in Arizona, as weird as that sounds. (I'm not kidding when I say it reaches 120 degrees. It really does!) But, the nights are balmy and nice. It the kind of weather where you sleep on top of the covers with the windows cracked open, and a gentle breeze lulls you to sleep.
  • I'm looking forward to September, as my birthday will be occurring and I'm planning on making it a special, special day. My greatest luxury while living in Costa Rica is buying American products when I want to spoil myself. 
  • I'm feeling all of my creativity bubbling up again. For the past few weeks, I've been so miserable and unhappy. Not feeling like I want to make anything, and feeling guilty for my nonproductive attitude. Luckily, Daniel inspires me like he always does and I feel refreshed with ideas. I'm returning to beeswax, matchbooks, and small artworks to keep my busy while I'm waiting for my sewing machine.

  • Speaking, of sewing machines. I'm dying for one. It's always at the back of my mind. It seems as though everywhere I go, everything I do, I find myself wishing I had a machine already. There are so many things I want to make with it, I don't know which project I'll tackle first.
  • Recently, I realized that I haven't spent money on anything besides food, miscellaneous art supplies, and things for my dogs. This revelation shocked me. Coming from a girl who used to participate in retail therapy shamelessly, I'm honestly surprised. I have not spent a single dollar on clothing, accessories, jewelry, shoes, or anything that isn't completely necessary. (...I want to go shopping. Badly.)

  • Things I very much desire: patience, a sewing machine, a giant iced coffee, a shopping binge at thrift stores and garage sales, a brand new dress, to slow down, a fancy camera to take amazing pictures, for my scanner to connect to my computer without error, a desktop computer that is all my own, to create more paintings, and to open up my shop.
  • Although I miss the sweltering summer days and balmy nights of Arizona. The Costa Rican summer of rain, rain, rain is nothing to complain about. It's beautiful. I never imagined I would really be able to live in a rain-forest. But I do, and it's amazing. Minus torrential rainstorms that go on for hours and hours, and the swarms of mosquitoes... It's heaven.
I'm off to create some beautiful things to share with you. & I'm contemplating changing the design of this blog again. I can just never seem to be happy with it...

peace & love,

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