Handmade Belt Project

Silver Filigree Belt Buckle No. 1
By Daniel Icaza

I never fail to be impressed by Daniel. A few nights ago, he was thinking about making a Silver Filigree Belt Buckle, and within a day or two, he did it. No worrying, no planning, no over-thinking. I often feel jealous of the way his artwork just flows out. It never looks forced or commercialized. I long to have that sort of artistic freedom. 

Anyways, Daniel presented me with this lovely buckle seen above. (It's simply the bees' knees!) I've been asked to create the belt piece for the buckle, which I'm incredibly flattered by. Daniel even made some little Filigree buttons to go with the design of the buckle. 

So, we've batted some ideas back and forth, trying to get a good mental image of what we're expecting it to look like. I've made plenty of anklets, bracelets, rings, and necklaces with hemp and macrame stitches. But creating a belt is an entirely different ball park. But I'm going to try my absolute best and hope it works out.

I've got plenty of super ideas floating around in my mind, and I really want to start working. Alas, creating the belt I desire may require up to 12 yards of hemp to complete it, and I need more strings.

I'll update you on my progress & completion of this belt as soon as I accumulate all of the materials I need.

(By the way, take a close look at the second photo of the belt buckle. Behind the lovely wire work, the black plate has a rainbow patina. I'm mesmerized by it's beauty & uniqueness.)

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  1. Lovely buckle. Sounds like it'll be a fun project!