Sew Lovely

I've finally been lucky enough to having a wonderful sewing machine lent to me. And, I could not be more excited! I've been doing the happy dance and smiling every time I stop by my studio. I spent my whole day setting it up, and getting to know my new friend. It's been so much fun playing around with a new machine. I'm expecting to go fabric shopping in the next week or two, and then I'll be able to start making some amazing handmade clothes.

The Studio move has been a much larger project than I anticipated, but it's getting better every day. This weekend, Daniel and I are going to be building a few different furniture things for my studio. I'm so excited to get these things built so I can really get some work done.

By the way, the above picture is a macro shot of my fixed up bulletin board. I re-painted the board in teal and white, and stuck these pins on the board to use as hooks. It works wonderfully. I'm swooning over my new bulletin board, it's just perfect.

Since I was tinkering around with my new machine, I decided to do a quick little project. I had some scraps of fabric lying around, red and white pieces mostly. I hardly ever wear white or red, but those are the colors of my dog's collar, leash, and everything. So, it only felt right to make a bandanna for him in those colors. Unfortunately, he's a horrible model.

Did you spot the honeybee that keeps popping up? It's a little stencil that I made in spirit of my new blog name change. Isn't it adorable?

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  1. I would be doing a happy dance too! I am dying to learn how to sew!