Play Time

I got a chance to break out my paints and work in my new studio space the other night. Here are some photos from my play time.

I've been tackling some fun DIY projects to decorate and organize my lovely new studio.

Yesterday I hung up a tapestry, painted some jars to hold supplies, and added a newly planted baby cactus to my desk. And today, I'm going to be working on making some pretty bulletin boards, cutting up some stencils, and designing a new tapestry.

At the moment, I'm fighting a very strong urge to browse around the internet looking for more ideas for my projects. I don't think I can ever get enough of handmade/homemade/DIY culture. It makes everything so much more affordable and creative.

If you know of any amazing DIY tutorials or guides, I would love to see them! I'm always looking for fun projects to try.

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