On My Easel: Mixed Media Painting

I've decided to start a new tradition. Each week, I'll be making a post about what's on my easel right now, (i.e. the project I'm currently working on), and share it with all of you. You can let me know what you think by leaving a comment or what have you. And if you'd like to share what you're working on as well, feel free to do so! I'm excited to see where this goes.

This week I'm working on a painting.

By: Kaylee Hinrichs

By: Kaylee Hinrichs

Yesterday I dug out this foam board covered in dictionary pages. Just waiting to be painted and drawn on. And so I busted out the ol' Pen & Ink, and began working. I ended up with a repeat design of something I drew a long time ago. But every time I draw it, it looks better and better. Anyways, I put a light wash of Colbalt blue over and sponged some browns and blues in there as well. 

Now, I'm a little stuck, not really sure where I should take this piece now. I considered using at a Studio sign. since it's foam board, I can tack things to it easily. 

Come back next week to see how this artwork develops!
And remember, if you have any artworks that you're working on and want to share, I would love to see them. 


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