Daniel Icaza Sells Artwork Online

In my previous post, I talked about how Daniel Icaza is selling his beautiful handmade jewelry at his Etsy shop. (Read the article here.)

In this post, I wanted to share the other art Daniel Icaza is selling currently.
Through RedBubble, Daniel Icaza sells prints in a variety of forms and settings, like canvas prints, framed prints, etc. Here are some of the pieces available:

By: Daniel Icaza

By: Daniel Icaza

By: Daniel Icaza

You can purchase these designs on high-quality prints starting at less than $20. The prints can also be purchased framed or on a postcard size, whatever you desire!

And if you like Daniel Icaza's series, you can purchase the design on a variety of merchandise as well.

By: Daniel Icaza
$40.95 USD

By: Daniel Icaza
$79.95 USD 

By: Daniel Icaza
$34.95 USD

Daniel Icaza offers even more designs, on even more products as time goes on. I suggest bookmarking or saving his Zazzle Shop for later. His products make perfect gifts for any person of any age and any occasion. I highly recommend his work. In fact, I'm planning on making a purchase myself!

If you would like to learn more about Daniel Icaza, visit his blog for more information. He offers original artworks for sale as well as:
Handmade Jewelry: Etsy 
Art Prints: RedBubble 
Merchandise: Zazzle

You may also want to view Daniel's Behance Portfolio to learn more about the concepts that drive his artwork. Although his designs seem simple, they are backed by professional techniques and beautiful concepts. 

Thanks for viewing Daniel Icaza's original artworks. I'll be featuring more of Daniel's work as time goes on. 

**(Please note that, yes, I am affiliated with Daniel Icaza in many ways. But, I chose to talk about his art without any form of compensation. I do really love Daniel's artwork and he deserves all the attention he can get.
Feel free to re-post this article onto your blog, as long as I receive credit as the original author, and the hyper-links stay in tact.)


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