Art Journal Pages (March)

Unfortunately, my inventory tells me I have zero canvases to work with right now.

Well, that's not completely true. I have canvas that needs to be stretched, but no stretcher bars.
I have 5 stretched canvases that have gone crooked in the humidity and need more stretcher bars.
I have canvas boards galore... And canvas paper out the "wazoo"... 
But not a single stretched, non-crooked, archival-quality canvas to work with.

And so I've turned to my art journal once again. My art journals are like my best-friends nowadays. They hold a beautiful selection of my thoughts, ideas, dreams, creations, inspirations, mistakes, failures. I love my journals and have only really showed some of the pages on this blog, but I'm going to be slowly releasing more and more of my art journal pages as I become more prolific in their completion. 

Here's my journal progress of for the month of March so far:

"Costa Rica"
(Pura Vida)
Mediums: Watercolors, Acrylics, Collage, Found Object,
Collected Objects, Inks, Oil Pastels, 3-D elements

"Costa Rica" (Pura Vida) Art Journal Page.
Flipping up the ticket stubs, and memorabilia reveals Costa Rican leaves which I found and pressed myself.

"Costa Rica" (Pura Vida) Art Journal Page.
My printer/scanner/technology is never working properly, so I often resort to making my own drawings/sketches/paintings for collages. I drew/painted this small map of Costa Rica, marking the capital city and my own town. I collaged the words "home" from a magazine page and sewing the patch of paper to the original journal page.

"Changes" Art Journal Page
Mediums: Acrylic paints, Watercolors, Inks, Collected Objects,
Hemp, Ribbons, Drawings, Wax pencils

"Changes" Art Journal Page 
This is a detail shot of the ticket stubs. This technique was very new to me, but I loved it after it was finished. 
It works out very well. (Expect a tutorial on this technique soon!)

"Changes" Art Journal Page
Many art journalists will create tabs, or pieces of the page that poke out of the book when closed. I wanted to try to imitate that effect, because it draws interest into opening the book to view the full page (which is what I want people to do). 
 I adore the tab of this page and decided to take a macro shot of it just to show it off. I'm not sure why it appeals to me so much, perhaps it's the contrast of brown/gold to black/blue. 

You may also be interested in viewing my most frequently used art journals. 

They don't have particular themes, names, or anything. These journals are my first real art journals, and they are meant to showcase my current techniques. Once these 5 journals are filled up, I'll be getting another batch. Those journals may have themes, limits, and narrower focuses than the ones I'm creating now.

Journal Covers #1-5:
(The two pages featured above are from this journal)
The pages of this journal are 100% recycled and archival. I apologize for the glare in the photo, but there was no better way to take the photo. I hand-sewed the buttons on the cover.

This journal is threaded loosely with space to grow. It has lined, yellow-ish pages.
This journal is the only one that has a theme developing; Nostalgia.

This is the first journal that I made from scratch. The cover, pages, and binding were all done by myself. 
This journal only has about 20 pages or so, but the pages are high-quality, archival watercolor paper (not sure of the weight). I work in this book sparingly and save it's pages for truly ground-breaking ideas. 

This journal is one of my favorites. I dump just about every good idea I get into this journal. The contents are not that impressive yet, but I add and work the pages differently every day. Originally, I didn't care for the journal. It's pages were not that white and they didn't seem very thick. But, last month I discovered these pages can hold watercolor, acrylic, and decoupage! Amazing. 

This journal hasn't been bound together yet. I've always worked on my journals after they were bound, this one is going to be a little different, I think. I want to create each page on loose-leaf and bind them once complete. The pages of this journal vary from fine watercolor paper, to thick drawing paper, some bristol board, and Banana Paper.

I'm setting a goal to have all these journals finished by the end of the year. I have a feeling that I'll have them done before Halloween rolls around. 

Do you have any art journals/sketchbooks? I'd love to see them! Feel free to link to your own blog posts about your journal pages if you wish. 

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