Daniel Icaza Sells Jewelry Online

Daniel Icaza, a metalsmith and visual artist, has made his beautiful artworks available to an international market. He offers an incredibly wide variety of products and designs through a few different venues. From his awesome jewelry, to his clever circle designs, and illusion paintings, he is truly a master of his craft. But, don't take my word for it. Just take a peek at some of his fantastic artwork available for purchase.

Egyptian Spiral Necklace with Blue Agate Stone
By: Daniel Icaza

Artistic Silver and Mokume-Gane Bracelet
By: Daniel Icaza

Silver and Obsidian Pendant with Chain
By: Daniel Icaza

Daniel's Jewelry is truly fantastic. He hand-fabricates every part of them himself. Purchasing silver in raw form, he makes his own wire, decor, chains, clasps, everything. The only part that wasn't hand-made by Daniel himself are the stones used. Absolutely amazing.

Oh, and recently added are these new silver pins:
Spiral Pin / Brooch
By: Daniel Icaza

These bad boys are extremely affordable (only $80.00 USD!) So, if you've always wanted a Daniel Icaza original piece, you better move quickly. There's only 2 of 5 left available!

**(Please note that, yes, I am affiliated with Daniel Icaza in many ways. But, I chose to talk about his art by my own will. I do really love Daniel's artwork and he deserves all the attention he can get. 
Feel free to re-post this article onto your blog, as long as I receive credit as the original author, and the hyper-links stay in tact.)


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