My Art Studio Improved

I'm pleased to say that I have been extremely busy. I'm happy to say this because I've been going stir-crazy with nothing to really occupy my time. Now I've got my plate full. I'm looking towards completing my Art Studio revamp, starting three new art series, a couple different business opportunities, a couple art competitions in fall/winter, and finally making all of my artwork available for purchase online.

But before any of those things take place, the studio must be completed. I promised Before pictures of my studio in my previous post on my art studio. But, once I walked into the horror which I had allowed my wonderful space to endure, I knew I couldn't photograph it. It was, yes, embarrassing.

I did take some After pictures, not too many because there's still much work to be done. (Okay, so maybe it's not that improved. Yet.)

You can see my easel is set in front of the bay windows. The table in this photo is my processing table/drafting table, and as you can see still needs massive amounts of re-organizing. At the right, you can see my framed chakra drawings sitting on my shelf. 

This is the view when entering my space. At the left is my painting and work table. Along with my large bookcase. And the easel to the right. As I said, the space still needs lots and lots of re-organizing and decorating. 

This is my main workspace. It's rather clustered currently but shows my main tools. I have a nice array of paintbrushes, a box of acrylics in rainbow (for quick access), my metal working/carving/sculpting tools, water cups, cups of washes, my wonderful pallete, my jar of colored pencils (only 1/18th of my total amount of colored pencils), my stabilo watercolor pencils, and my watercolor tin paints. 

I'm looking towards spending this next week working in between fixing up the studio, and writing up many, many, many tutorials and how-to guides. You can expect a plethora of new posts, new artworks, and new things, so keep your eye out.

Also, on another note Daniel Icaza finished his 13 skulls series and it's absolutely beautiful. I don't want to spoil the surprise, so if you have a moment go check it out for yourself. I promise you won't be disappointed! 


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