The Art Studio

I daydream about the kind of studio I would love to have. My daydream often goes like this...

Two stories with a spiral staircase, with large gallery space in front, stock and workshops in the back.
Upstairs is a flat open space with tapering ceilings. Large murals cover walls, floors, and ceilings. With large easels holding giant works-in-progress. Large bins of paper rolls, a wall covered in small drawers for pens and pencils. A rolling paint tube holder. Large spread tables, a light table, a real drafting table, lots of lights, and don't even get me started on the decorating...

At this point, I think of my spare bedroom (which I'm lucky to have!), but I can't help but think of how much space it lacks for how I like to work. I'm very thankful for my little studio, but it's so difficult for me to work the way I like to in such a small space.

So far, I've tried probably 50 different arrangements of 5 pieces of furniture in this 14 foot by 10 foot space.

It's been insane. Ask Daniel, he's had to listen to the screeching of the furniture on the tile and my yelling when I set it down on my own foot.

I've only photographed two of the attempts that worked for a little while. I always end up changing it.

Attempt #1:

Attempt #2:

Currently I've got a very weird set-up compared to all this. I've lost the desk in the back corner, and the dresser which is not photographed. It's not that I'm showing off or anything. It makes me absolutely miserable! I can't figure out what I don't enjoy working in my studio. I wish I could just go and work but the arrangement and tightness makes me feel so clustered. Not to mention the need to organize piles and piles of art supplies. It's almost a lost cause.

Does anybody have any advice on art studios?
I've looked for inspiration in many different places, but I'm not quite satisfied. I can't make this little place into a dream studio.

Any suggestions? Recommendations? Advice? Ideas? Comments?
Hopefully I can post some more pictures of my studio and what I'm hoping to do with it soon.


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