Watercolor Love

The first time I tried watercolors in high school, I was experimenting with color combinations, textures, and rubber cement effects. I actually managed to create something with subject matter other than animals, which was really difficult for me. 

After I had reached a point where I needed to add something extra to my artwork, and remembered the "Monsters" painting (above, left). I attempted to revive my watercolor inspiration and try again. The first set of works were no Picasso's, but it's nice to see the growth and progress. (Nobody starts out an expert.)

I started drawing some animals with microns and waterproof inks, then going over them with watercolor. In these works I was just experimenting with how watercolors worked, but they turned into wonderful works of art. 

(On the Left) "Play", Medium: Watercolor/Inks, Size: 6in. x 8in.
(On the Right) "Octopus", Medium: Watercolor/Inks, Size: 8 1/2in. x 11in. 
(Below) "The Painters", Medium: Watercolor/Inks, Size: 8 1/2in. x 11in.


 In many of my later works, I tried photo transfers of other images (more animals), and watercolored over those. The work to the left was one of my first tries.

I had a lot of fun with the process (and I think it shows), but I wasn't getting the effects I wanted.

"Elephant's Paint"
Medium: Watercolor, Inks
Size: 8 1/2in. x 11in.

The drawing featured in this artwork was originally drawn by Damien Gold, one of my friends and classmates at The New School for Arts. 

In this artwork, I managed to get the wave effect I truly desired. I think what really made this work so strong was a focus on a selection of colors. Greens, yellow/ochres, purple, and hints of burgundy and teal.

Of course Damien's drawing really makes it what it is.

"A Woman of Color"
Medium: Watercolor, Inks
Size: 8 1/2in x 11in.
By: Kaylee Hinrichs, Damien Gold's drawing


"Seventeen Years In The Desert" 
Date: 2008
Mediums: Mixed Media
Size: 2in. x 6in.
Photography By Damien Gold

Although, I've always had a deep passion for photography, and I've studied dark room techniques in my own time, I have never taken a formal photography class. And even though my school had fantastic facilities, I was taking too many painting and mixed media classes to afford a photo class. I regret it all the time.

Anyways, all of my friends took photography and photographed me sometimes for projects. I often asked for their old test strips, because I realized that I could watercolor and put inks and drawings on them. Which awakened this whole entire range of possibilities to choose from. 

"Bright As The Sun"
Photography By Damien Gold
Medium: Mixed Media
Size: 2in. x 6in. 

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