A New Addition

Well, I've never really gotten around to making a page on this blog about my little family. I talk about them all the time, but I don't supply any real context to who they are. And that's going to change.
I'll give a quick history for those who don't already know.

Daniel and I met in Arizona. He was studying at ASU, and I was studying at NSA.

After we met, we were like two peas in a pod. We both love art, animals, Star Wars Battlefront, and grilled cheese sandwiches.
So, we were pretty much made for each other.

We moved to Costa Rica in May 2010, and we're currently making a lot of art, showing, and selling.
In our spare time, we spend a lot of time with our dogs, and YouTube.

After we moved, I had to leave behind some of my best friends, my family, and my animals.

I used to have a Golden Labrador, Amber. She was my best friend and I was really sad to have to leave her in Arizona.
I love Labradors in general. They're always so happy and cheerful, it's so nice to wake up to that kind of peppy attitude.

After a couple months of being in Costa Rica, I knew I needed a furry companion and quick (to ease the homesickness).

We got extremely lucky one day while driving home from the store. It was pouring rain, one of the worst storms in Costa Rica that season. And from way down the road, we saw a soggy, little poofball skipping down the road. We continued driving past the little poofball, and we both decided to turn around and go get him. Little did we know, we had just obtained the best dog ever. Literally. In all of dog history. He is the best.

And for eight months. This is how we've been. Me (missing Amber), Daniel, and Sam. Until a couple weeks ago.

The Bear

This is Bear. He's a really, really dark brown Labrador-something-or-other. He's adorable, as you can see, but he's not as tame as he appears.
Bear was being used as a guard dog somewhere in this country. He was tied to a tree for most of his life, (he's about one year old), and has some issues.
Once we got him, we brushed up on some Ceasar Milan techniques, and tried to train him properly so he could be a normal and happy dog.
The amount of energy that this dog has is not of this world.
He's really loving, happy, and pretty well-mannered. But he has some issues that we're trying to help him with.
But Daniel and I think that eventually he'll become somewhat normal again.
We go to the top of the hill we live by, and play for a couple hours. Here are some adorable pictures of Sam and Bear.

The last picture is of me pinning Bear down a little bit, so he will sacrifice the toy. And Sam watching.
It's funny because during "playtime" the only ones who are really playing are Daniel and Bear. Me and Sam tend to just sit in the grass and look at the valley.

It's not terribly beautiful from the photograph. But that's just the trouble with trying to get a picture of the San Jose valley, a photo just won't do it justice.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed hearing a little about my family and our new dog! Tell me a bit about yourself and your family in the comments, or send me an email, or follow my blog, or don't. That's fine too.


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