Art Supplies: Organizers & Carriers

I think any person who has a serious art journal that they diligently add to every day can understand this problem. Whether you collage in your journal everyday, write your heart out, or play around with paint, there's no denying the need for having your journal and supplies ready at a moment's notice.

I have 11 journals that I simultaneously add to. And I like to use all kinds of mediums. Gesso, inks, coffee, watercolors, pens, collages, and anything else I can find. But I tend to find excitement in the idea of working on my journal where ever I may be.

I've seen some journal fans who carry decorated tin boxes, cigar boxes, pencil pouches, plastic pencil boxes, and fabric brush/pencil holders. And I really love the idea.

Here are some pictures that I stole from Google Image Search for inspiration and ideas. (art supplies holder, art supplies organizer, art supplies carrier)

Also, Moleskinerie has an article posted about a really awesome art journal supplies carrier. It's Chellis Compact Single Zipper Field Bag (Dims: 9.75 " x 7.50" x 2.50"). I'm not sure who supplies it, but I can easily find it to purchase online for about $40. But since my Art Journal Supplies Organizer budget is about $0, I'm going DIY on this one.

Here's a photo of the Chellis, I guess it was intended as tool kit holder. But it works, right?


I guess ideally, it would be nice to have an organizer that can just carry all of my art things in one neat little package. With lots and lots of little pockets and extra spaces for things. Ooh, I love the ideas I'm getting.
This will probably be one of my side projects for now. But, I'm going to be searching for inspiration and drawing up some sketches to show here soon.

Do you have any special things you use to carry your art supplies around? Do you have pictures of these things? I would love to see!


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