Styled: Topknot & Harems

Necklace: My own design
Shirt: New York & Company
Pants: My own design
Shoes: Mossimo (Not sure which store)

I finally finished my Harem pants! I've been working on these pants for at least a week now. It was a giant behemoth of a challenge to make them, as I have never created shorts or pants.

To my surprise, I did a pretty awesome job, and they turned out exactly how I hoped they would. (They look as though I could have purchased them at a store! Huzzah!)
I want to make dozens more in all sorts of colours and patterns.  They are the perfect pants. Seriously.

It feels like a giant mountain has been conquered, and I couldn't feel more proud.

I'm going to do some hardcore celebrating for this accomplishment of mine. And proceed to brainstorm more projects to create and new ventures to take on! Have a happy Wednesday!


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  1. WOW. Those pants are seriously awesome, I would pimp em, and the color is beautiful. Congrats on being awesome! I just got a sewing machine and had a hard time figuring out how to load the thread... so hopefully I will get better. :)