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I have bookmarks for everything, recipes, DIY projects, artists, artworks, blogs, blog posts, the list goes on and on. One folder that is always overflowing is "Artists I Love". I bookmark portfolio websites from dozens of talented artists, and I come across more every day. Here are 3 artists I've been crushing on lately.

Sandra Dieckmann
Blog / Portfolio / Shop

I've been drooling over Sandra's work for a while now. Her work is a combination of what I love most in Illustration, when realistic meets stylized. Plus, she's fond of illustrating animals, which are my favorite subject. Her bisons, bears, and wolves are enchanting. I've been incredibly inspired by her work, and simply had to share! 

Emma Leonard

Emma's art is simply lovely. On her blog, she posts works in progress and the process of creating her art. I'm head over heels for her illustrations of melancholy girls. I think what attracts me to her work the most is the nostalgic feeling that everything emanates. I could go on, but you should really check it out for yourself, it's so worth it.

Andy Gilmore

What can I say about Andy's artwork that actually does it justice? It's magnificent, it's kaleidoscopic, it's multi-dimensional. When I first viewed one of his many artworks, I spent at least 10 minutes examining the detail, the depth. I later found out that many of his artworks are visual translations of music, beats, harmony. (Don't quote me on that though.) His work is stunning. Just take a peak.

I honestly love all three of these artists, and plan to buy things from them in the future. I am so amazed at the amount of creativity and inspiration I get from just looking at other artist's work. It's so splendid. Do you know of any amazing artists? Please share!


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