A Photograph An Hour

I have always wanted to do this. Because of a) my new business venture, b) my studio relocation, c) my not being able to remember to take photographs, it hasn't ever happened. But, I was incredibly motivated to do this after seeing Abby's Photo An Hour post at A Geek Tragedy. I love how she took her pictures. They're all so different & interesting.

So, without further ado, here's a 9am-7pm glimpse of my daily life in photos.

9am / Waking up, reading blogs, getting inspiration for today's work.

10am / Reading a bit, drinking coffee & tea. (By the way, "Catcher" is my favorite book.)

11am / Heading into the studio, My essentials for work: Delicious drinks & happy Buddha.

12pm / Designing a new dress, drawing out a pattern.

1pm / Break from work. Feeding the animals, watering plants. (My succulent has started flowering!)

2pm / Pinning hems, taking measurements, cutting patterns.

3pm / Another break, eating snacks, working on design projects.

4pm / Back to the studio, finishing up, and closing up for the day. (Usually I tend to work later than 4pm.)

5pm / Dinner time, making pasta.

6pm / Movie time! Eat dinner, drawn some designs, work on jewellery creations.

7pm / Painting my nails, and start writing blog posts.

The Rest of the Day: Around 7:30, Daniel comes home from work and we talk about our days, watch movies, and work on our artsy stuff. I tend to do a lot of sketching, designing, and making jewelry for my (soon to be opening) shop. Then we get up the next day & do it all over again.

I really loved doing this! I want to do it again in a year or so and see how much my daily routines and actions change. This was such a great way to document my day and practice my photography skills.
Hope you enjoyed it!


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  1. Yesss! I loved this post. My favorite is the first one because you look really happy and relaxed. Also, I just got a sewing machine and intend to learn how to use it (hopefully) this month.

    P.S. Is that a mojito?