Beach Inspired Bracelets

"Pebble Beach"
Glass beads, Natural Hemp, Dyed Hemp, Button

"Sea Glass"
Glass Beads, Natural Hemp, Dyed Hemp, Button

Glass Beads, Wooden Beads, White Stone, Natural Hemp, Dyed Hemp, Seashells, Button

I love wearing these bracelets stacked, they look so interesting when paired together

I made these three bracelets the other night, and loved how they all had a similar look. I realized shortly after making them, that my "theme" for this past year has been the four elements. I've been more attracted to giant green forests, deep blue seas, the fiery sun in the sky, and the gentle caress of a breeze flowing through your hair. Whenever I create, I try to harness that lovely feeling of being one with nature.

For instance, when I created these, I imagined sitting on a sun-kissed beach with balmy winds and splashing waves. I imagined sand between my toes and searching for seashells. I imagined palm trees, little crabs, and the peaceful roar of the ocean.

In other news, I should be having my shop opening before the end of 2011. I am, indeed, stoked. Today I'm finalizing my first 6 dress designs. After I finalize the designs, I start picking the fabrics, then the real work begins!

Have a beautiful day!

P.S. I just realized that we're already halfway through August, and I haven't shared anything I've been doing this month! I'll be sharing some awesome things soon, I promise. Like my new studio tour, some inspiring things I've been seeing lately, a collection of wonderful stuff, some DIY's, and more!

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  1. These are absolutely wonderful! Amazing photography. I love them. Your blog is so amazing.