Busy busy bee

Recently, I've become a very busy bee. I've been trying to squeeze some peace and relaxation into these hectic days, but it's not as easy as it sounds. I thought I would share some of the interesting things I've been up to lately, and then get back to work!

Daniel's Website Design. For the past few weeks I've been spending decently large portions of my day on Daniel's new website. I'm excited, because I think it's coming along great, and should look spectacular when it's completed! I'll be sure to share more soon.

Designing Lovely Things. Recently, I selected designs for 5 dresses, 4 bags, 2 headpieces, 2 bracelets, 2 necklaces, and 1 belt. I'm getting ready to do a lot of sewing. It's going to be awesome. Honestly, I'm pretty nervous about opening up my shop. (Definitely suffering from what-if-nobody-likes-it syndrome, I hope I get over it soon.)

Dress & Skirt = Complete. Huzzah! I've come so far, I'm so proud! I wanted to test out my abilities and make a few garments for myself before I unleash my greatness unto the world. I'll be sharing these two lovely pieces soon.

Beading Attempts #1 and #2. In a couple of the photos above, you may notice my "pretending-to-be-happy" smile. I was really frustrated to tears with the tedious bead work. But, I continued on, and finished half of a design. I do love trying new things, hopefully I'll learn to have more patience by dealing with these tiny little beads.

Birthday Anticipation. That's right. 9 days away. I'm totally excited! I haven't decided how to celebrate. The only thing I've come up with is going to get a delicious coffee drink. But, that's pretty lame. I'm hoping I can think of some great ideas before it's too late!

Studio Organizing & Decorating. Also in the photos above, there are a couple sneak peaks of my studio. I'm preparing to do a nice big studio tour to show you around my new space. It's the headquarters of Birch & Bees, and where I spend most of my time. (I'm actually going to go collage pin-boards and make a garland right now!)

What have you been up to lately? What's making you smile?

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