Inspired: Outer Space

I find "Outer Space" to be absolutely amazing and enchanting. The Universe is just so incredibly vast, it's impossible to really imagine how large it is. A few months ago, I wrote about Carl Sagan and The Pale Blue Dot. (If you haven't read about this before, I recommend watching this video. It's beautiful.) 

Where I live, it is dark enough that you can still see a lot of stars in the sky at night. My favorite nightly activity is to walk the dogs and look at the moon and stars. I always try to locate Orion, The Dippers, and The Pleiades, as those are the only constellations I can recognize! In my life, I've seen Lunar and Solar eclipses, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, and two shooting stars. I have always wanted to witness a meteor shower. I hope I get to do that someday.

 Do you enjoy looking at the stars? Can you recognize any constellations in the night sky?

peace & love,

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