Goodbye Twenty Twelve

January | I created my first Script Painting.
February | I shared How I Organize My Small Business.
March | I shot my first Black and White Photoshoot.

April | I created Four Wall Art Sculptures to challenge myself.
May | I created Quilled Paper Artworks to further challenge myself.
June | I created 15 Mandalas3 of them were commissioned (and later used as album art!)

July | I developed focus and clarity.
August | I designed a new series of paintings, and shared a sneak peak from my sketches.
September | I celebrated my birthday and shared 10 things about me.


October | I completed my Photo 365 Project.
December | I shared my holiday wishlist

2012 was a mixture of ups and downs.
I celebrated great successes and conversely dealt with great challenges. Through the course of the year, I returned to my passion for painting. I experimented with many mediums and materials. I discovered new forms of art and soaked in the inspiration everywhere I could find it.

I came alive with creative energy, but also had many slow times where I couldn't bring a pen to the page. This year I created clothing, bags, pouches, photographs, sketches, paintings, writings, articles, tutorials, crafts, drawings, illustrations, sculptures, and plenty more.

2012 was a year of learning and growth. Through my joys and hardships, I continued to gain new insights. I learned about creating and making, especially when I didn't feel inspired to do so.

It was a year of letting in the light so I could see a little more clearly.

It was a year for preparing, planning, and gathering focus. This year was full of challenges, but I'm viewing it as a catalyst for a new year of possibility and joy. I'm thankful for all that I've endured and learned, but I'm quite pleased to say goodbye to 2012.

I hope 2012 treated you well. Now, onto 2013! 
Happy New Year friends!

peace & love,

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