Obscuro Viridi

Obscuro Viridi, Daniel Icaza, 2012, Sterling Silver, 22ct Green Sapphire (Corundum)  

Months ago, I casually mentioned to Daniel that I don't have any rings with Corundum stones. And because Daniel is so kind, he actually created and gave me this beautiful ring! (More photos of this lovely piece.)

I'm not the type to really like bright, shiny, faceted stones. But this perfect Green Sapphire has totally captivated me with it's shades of cyan, turquoise, and teal. And of course, Daniel's metal-work is always impressive. The spirals, wires, granules, and subtle details turn normal "jewelry objects" into true artworks.

(You can stay updated on the latest works by Daniel over on his blog, on Facebook, or Behance. )

peace & love,

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  1. Both those rings are amazing. I'm not much of a jewelry wearer but those, I'd make an exception for.