Inspired: Curiosity

(via vwmang, "Tonight thousands gathered in Times Square to watch the Curiosity rover safely land on Mars after a 352-million mile, 8.5 month journey.")

(via NASA, Curiosity coming in to land on the surface of Mars.)

(via NASA, Sunset on Mars from Opportunity Rover.)

The Curiosity Rover landed safely on Mars. I've been really enjoying looking at the fuzzy black and white snapshots from the little robot. Soon NASA hopes to have the other camera systems on-line, which delivers Hi-Res images and panoramas of the martian landscape. Apparently these images will be the absolute best images of Mars' surface that we've ever captured. (Which I'm really looking forward to seeing.)

The best part is seeing all these people stopping their daily lives to observe and celebrate Curiosity's landing is simply beautiful. It warms my heart when we can put aside our differences in order to pursue common goals which benefit all of humanity.

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  1. I definitely stayed up super late to watch the landing! So cool to see all the NASA employees hugging and crying. Such an awesome moment in history.

    And I love that it's something that brings people together/makes stupid differences seem so petty.