(Beached Necklaces, December 2011, Costa Rican Beach Shells, Hemp String, Satin Cord, Copper Clasps)

I put together a pretty awesome collection of "themed" presents to give to my family and Daniel's family this year. Now that Christmas is over with, I can share what I made!

Daniel and I occasionally take trips out to the beaches, our favorite activity is to comb the beaches for pretty shells, fossils, rocks, and other natural objects. On our most recent trip to a beach in Costa Rica included a haul of hundreds of shells. (A few of the shells above are ones I found on that trip.) We have a giant collection of shells now, and it's troublesome to find purposes for all of them now.

Unfortunately, I didn't take very good pictures of these pieces. But, here are a couple shots that turned out alright.

Well, after playing around with wire-wrapping techniques and some pretty shells, I discovered that I'm pretty good at wire-wrapping and  I actually really enjoy it! I decided to use these necklaces as a starting point to make some beautiful seashell jewelry with the shells I find in Costa Rica. 

I'm hoping to have an edition of these to add to my Spring/Summer collection. I'm only going to produce a small number of these necklaces, to see if I should make them a more permanent item in the Birch & Bees Shop.

I must say, these necklaces were a big hit! I think everyone really liked their seashell necklaces. I'm really excited to start digging through my seashell collections and see what other beauties are waiting to be used!

peace & love,

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