Happy Birthday To Me

Yesterday was my birthday! I had a glorious day. My parents bought me an Ipod Touch, so I spent a lot of time messing around with my new toy. So much fun. Daniel and I started off our day by going to run a couple errands that needed to be taken care of. Once those things we done, we proceeded to have a delicious breakfast. Afterwards, we played video games together for hours. Pure bliss, really.

Eventually I wanted to open up my present from Daniel...

I am still swooning over how beautiful this ring is. Daniel named this ring "Roseus", which is the Latin word for Rose. The stone is a Rose Quartz Crystal. The most interesting thing about Rose Quartz is its' symbolism. Being an artist, I'm obsessive about symbolism and hidden meanings.
Apparently, it is the stone of love. It symbolizes unconditional love for all, kindness, compassion, peace, serenity. Daniel also wrote a sweet post for me over at his blog, click here to read it.

(Sorry for the bad photo. It was dark and I don't have a flash.)

After this, we decided we should go eat dinner together. I've been craving this pizza for a while now, and it was exactly where I wanted to go. My favorite topping for a pizza is... Yes, it's French Fries. Just looking this photo makes me want to go back again tonight. Yum. We may or may not have killed this French Fry Pizza and went next door to eat Rolls and Chocolate Mousse at the Sushi place....

We finished off the night by lighting some candles for me to make wishes on, bubble baths, making a painting  together, and watching a movie. (And perhaps a shot or two.) It was delightful, perfect, and everything I hoped it would be. 

Thank you for all of your sweet birthday wishes, it means the world to me! I hope you have a lovely day! (And seriously, if you ever get a chance to eat a French Fry Pizza, I highly recommend it.)


  1. aww that sounds like such a sweet birthday :) And that ring is so pretty! Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday! That ring is beautiful. :)