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As I've mentioned before, April was a tough month for me. Apparently, it was rough for many other people out there. Many people spoke about desiring to feel connected to a community or not being able to find your "place" in the blogging world, and it feels all too familiar for me. So a week ago, I started making a little list of the posts which have really stuck with me. Some are serious talks, others are pretty photos. But I hope you feel inspired by all of them. Enjoy.

I wish my blogging notebook was as beautiful as this one. I love the bright post-it notes.

I've had the itch to work on more journals and mini-books and Elise's Travel Journal is really awesome. I love the way she uses photographs and memorabilia in such a simple way.

I loved this. Becka is so consistently inspiring, she doesn't even need to try.

These constellation notebooks are really amazing. I want a bunch of these with different constellations on them. If you love stars, you'll probably love these too.

There's nothing I love more than when someone gets really honest about stress, imperfection, and overwhelm.

When I read this, I felt like Elizabeth was taking the words right out of my mouth. I've been slowly pulling away from social media and blogs because of the negativity that has sprouted in normally positive places. She speaks so tactfully and honestly about this.

Chantilly speaks truthfully about wanting to quit... and not doing it. Right on.

Again, Becka is incredible. This made me feel a lot better about my perspective of comparison and perfection.

Rachel writes the most incredible short stories. I'm so taken by each small story she crafts. They are full of emotion, detail, and meaning. Must read.

These photographs are really amazing for being phone photos. I love the huge expanse of sky. So lovely.

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(* = I normally do not post photos unless they have a source to link to. I came across this image in my photo inspiration blog, and it felt so applicable for this collection of links. I simply couldn't pass it up, even though it doesn't have a source. Please forgive me. Also, if you happen to know where this lovely image came from, please let me know, so I can source it properly.)

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