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I've started to see intense progress with what I'm working on. I've got a regular posting schedule over at my other blog. I'm working on the re-design for that blog, as well as this one. I wanted to set more clear distinctions between what will be found on this blog and what will belong on the other. It's tricky because I find that my personal life and professional life intertwine so intimately, it's difficult to tell which is which sometimes. 

Nevertheless, a decision has to be made. So, my decision is that this blog will evolve into a steady documentation of my life as an artist, creating my studio, starting up my handmade business, and making a name for myself. Riddled with inspiration, passion, fun ideas, peeks inside my studio and latest projects. 

My other blog, will serve for my professional image. There I will post my finished works, updates, DIY, inspiration, shop sales, discounts, featured artists, amazing artwork, and bits of my personal life. That blog will be where I focus my efforts on community building and reaching out to people.

Now the distinction still feels rather fuzzy, but hopefully over time, it will become more clear. Regardless of whatever may happen with my blogs, I'm always going to be talking about art, artists, creating, handmade, or something related to that. 

Ah, now that I've got that off my chest, onto more fun things! Daniel and I received our first contribution to our campaign. On my other blog, I wrote a post introducing our campaign to raise money to expand our studios. (Click here to read that post.) 

Basically the deal is: You send Daniel and I some dollars to buy art supplies, and we send you some of our original artworks. Pretty awesome, right? (I am psyched about this!) 

Here are examples of the artworks that Daniel and I are sending to people who donate to us:

(Art by Kaylee Hinrichs. May 2011)

(Art by Daniel Icaza. May 2011)

The coolest part about this campaign is that if we can raise the money we need, then I can buy a sewing machine. And having a sewing machine will make my art-making/crafting/creating experience way more efficient, awesome, and beautiful. 

I would be so flattered if you re-posted the link to our campaign where ever your think it would count. I may even be so moved by your support, that I may send you artworks anyways. Wouldn't that be nice?

Thank you for every bit of support and help. It makes all the difference. 

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