Mandalas: Kaliedescopes & Lotus Eaters

I've fallen in love with Mandalas. In fact, I'm so in love, I'm committing to creating at least one every week. (Although I really can make dozens of these in that time!) In order to keep me moving, thinking, and drawing, I'm creating a new special on this blog. From this point on, every Monday will be Mandala Monday, and I will share at least one of my drawings with you. I hope you enjoy!

 "Kaleidescope" by Kaylee Hinrichs. May 2011. Inks. 5in. diameter

This Mandala had many feelings behind it. Too many, I think. I named it "Kaleidescope" because I feel it resembles a kaleidescope of thoughts. All colorful, evolving, growing, changing, morphing. Turning bad feelings into positive, happy ones.
(You may remember this Mandala from last week's Mandala post. It was barely started at that point.)

"Lotus-Eater" (Pink Lotus) by Kaylee Hinrichs. May 2011. Inks.

The idea for this Mandala originates from a chapter in The Odyssey. Odysseus and his crew land on the strange island of the Lotus-Eaters. The inhabitants of the island eat the flowers and fruits of the lotus and become apathetic and sleepy. The lotus plant tasted so delicious and wonderful, it was addictive to anyone to ate it, and they would be trapped on the island forever, unable to escape. In the story, Odysseus sees his crew has eaten the plant and they are content staying on the island forever to eat lotus. Odysseus awakens them from their stupor, directs them all back onto the ship, and leaves the island of the lotus-eaters.
The chapter of the Lotus-Eaters is one of the briefest in the story, but has heavy symbolism and context. Which in turn, gives more meaning to my Mandala drawing above.

I hope you've enjoyed these simple artworks!

peace & love,

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