Colorful Hair & Other Updates

Golly, I just ooze and gush happiness for anything that's handmade. And my new dread-lock wraps and feather hair piece is completely handmade. I started working on it this morning and finished it a couple hours ago. Oy, I'm in love with this! It's beautiful, doesn't irritate me, and it so subtle. But, of course, now I'm completely obsessed and addicted with tying strings, beads, feather, and other small objects into my mountain of dreadlocks. 

In other news, I've got a bunch of really awesome things in the works right now. 

The work for the online shop is coming along, I'm working on bulking up with some inventory and stock. Shop opens Fall/Winter 2011! (If you would like to sneak a peak at my fashion sketches for the shop, click here.) 

Also, a lot of the things that I want to make for my shop require more art materials. So, Daniel and I are hosting a campaign to raise money for art supplies! The deal is: you donate some dollars to us for art supplies, and we'll send you some original artwork! (I know, it's awesome!)
(Click here to read the blog post where I introduced the campaign)

We've made $100 out of our $1,069 goal. And we only have 45 days left to go.
If you have some extra bucks this month, why not help out a couple of artists? Every bit helps! 

Click Here to donate to Kaylee & Daniel's fund.


Today was stellar.
But tomorrow is going to be twice as amazing. 
Tomorrow, I'm going to be releasing a newer, more permanent design for this blog,
and a super awesome surprise!


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