SHOPLOVE: Vanilla and Lace

(left to right, top to bottom)

While sifting through loads of inspiration, shops, and artists, I stumbled upon Vanilla and Lace. And it was love at first sight. The style of this shop suits me so well. From the lovely handmade products themselves, to the simple photo styling. (I'm particularly fond of the modern chevrons contrasted with natural aztec prints.) Not to mention that everything is made to order in Portland by a lovely artist.

I chose my favorite tunics and clutches to share, but there are skirts, dress, shirts, and more. Take a peak and pick a favorite for yourself!

peace & love,


  1. I am pretty sure I NEED that Aztec tunic, like yesterday. Love it!

    1. Ah, Abby!! We have such similar taste, it's fantastic. The Aztec Tunic is my favorite as well! :)