Photo 365, Wrap-Up

Well, I did it! It's official! 365 days, 365 photos, one big collection. (If you haven't heard of a 365 Project,  it involves doing one thing everyday for a year. Be it photos, drawing, or any other activity. You can read more about Photo 365 here.)

When I first started the project, I decided to take my photos via instagram. While not all of my photos were processed with apps or shared with anyone, I did take one photo everyday. Albeit, perhaps not the most impressive or beautiful shots.

I'm a notorious "loves-to-start hates-to-finish" type of person. I will eagerly jump headfirst into projects, but the challenge is completion. And that was the only goal I had going into this project. But as I look over my photos from start to finish, I realized that my photography naturally improved. My recent shots really grab me. I'm drawn to texture, color, shape, and the composition of the individual shot.

Taking one photo everyday...
helped me accomplish a challenging, intimidating yearlong goal.
improved my photography skills; composition, colors, lighting, processing skills.
inspired me to see photos in everyday life.
pushed me to have a regular activity everyday.
allowed me to carry a camera everywhere and actually use it.
showed me that photography doesn't have to mean fancy cameras or editing tools.
Most of all, it became a safe place to play, to experiment, to create something without worry.

Now that I've completed my project, I'm in love with taking photos. I use small cameras, big cameras. Old cameras, new cameras. I like to look for cameras, analog and digital, as art supplies. A new tool.

And I'm still taking photos everyday. It's become so natural, I can't stop. And I love it.

peace & love,


  1. I love this! I am so in love with the concept of this project but I don't have the balls to actually do it.

    1. Thanks Abby! I'm so glad you like it! xx

  2. love these sorts of posts. beautiful pictures!