ArtShop: The New Collection, Colorful Animals V2.0

I'm very excited to share this brand new collection of original paintings I've created! As I'm living out my third year in the beautiful Costa Rica, I can't help but be inspired by all the nature that surrounds me. In my studio, I began designing this collection and playing with one of the most magical aspects of life; color. (More about the new paintings...)

My first edition of paintings (version 1.0) was fantastic. The reception to the work was encouraging and pleasant. Yet I still felt that something was missing from the paintings. I already practiced refining my watercolor techniques on a daily basis for years. From my dedicated practice, I developed a special technique, completely unique to my work, and this series came to life. This new collection is expansive, giving me room to grow and the ability to offer original paintings to a wider audience.

I've already started working on new pieces, and there will be many more paintings coming soon.
However, I also offer commission services if you would like a custom painting of your own. You can choose any animal you can think of, and pick any colors you like! (Contact me at: birchandbees@gmail.com, and we'll get started!)

I hope you enjoy this new collection! It's a product of my own identity & interests; vegetarian, animal-lover, symbologist, color-enthusiast, and my desire to spread joy and love whenever I go. I adore these paintings and I can't wait to watch this series blossom into an expansive collection of beautiful paintings.

 Visit my ArtShop, and pick out something special!

peace & love,

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  1. I LOVE the giraffe! SO cute. The bear is adorable too :)