Studio Tour 2012

My studio is an open space right next to Daniel's studio, with a small garden area in the back. All of the tables and the clothing rack were handmade by me and Daniel. The two large island tables come together to made a table top that is 8 feet by 4 feet. Hidden behind the black and white ruffled curtains that I created, there is a second level to the table where I store most of my materials.

From this studio, I create everything. Paintings, blog content, DIY tutorials, brainstorm sessions, sewing projects. I like to consider it my headquarters.

(My studio space in natural lighting at 12pm noon.)


(All photography by Kaylee Hinrichs. July 2012.)

peace & love,


  1. I love your dream catchers and the way you store your pens and markers. This is so nice. Can't wait until I have a whole room to devote to my collections of art/craft stuff. And that's really awesome that you two made everything, too!

    1. Thanks Kirsten! Yeah, I feel so spoiled to have an entire room to work with. It can be intimidating though, sometimes I wish I just had one little desk area to maintain so it would be less work to clean! Haha!

  2. Your space is amazing! I love all the decorations, nooks and crannies, and your sewing table. It's so inspirational!