Studio Love

 1 | Via Leslie Williamson (Kay Sekimachi's work table)  // 2 | A Merry Mishap (Copper Vase DIY)

Once again, I'm on a binge of lovely studios. Besides the fact that I've been obsessing over The Makers Project and The Selby, I stumbled on this post from Elise sharing a Studio Video Tour and in-depth explanation of how she organizes her space. I adore reading things like this. (She has an awesome rainbow-taped work desk. Love it.)

All of these incredibly studio photos have got me motivated to start asking for workspace photos from artists I'm interviewing. (Speaking of which, I'm on the hunt for talented artists, artisans, crafters, makers, and creators to interview. If you are interested, send me an email at birchandbees@gmail(dot)com.)

Have a lovely day!
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