New Additions to my Mixed Media Series

"Open Your Eyes"

"Open Your Eyes" By Kaylee Hinrichs
Mixed media, acrylic paint, oil pastels, graphite, inks, emphera.
April 2011, 17in. x 12in.

This is the first addition to my newest mixed media series. I haven't quite wrestled out the real meaning behind why I'm creating these artworks. But I'm entranced in the process so far.

It's very easy to get lost in a painting like this. But I think that's why I like it so much.
It's chaotic, it's heavy, it's vibrant, it's bright and beautiful.
It's very much my style. Intense and chaotic.

 A detail shot of the painting.

For those who are not familiar with the symbol I included in this art, it's the symbol of the third eye chakra. The "Anja" is responsible for allowing one to see which cannot be seen. To view past this reality and physical state, and to see without judgement. This is a re-occurring symbol in my work. I often use my artwork to communicate ideas about spirituality and deeper understanding.

 A macro shot of "Open Your Eyes"

The levels of layers is amazing. I love the texture and movement that this artwork has. When I casually look at this art work from a distance, the seahorses appear to be dancing and moving. It's very playful, very childlike.

Works in Progress

This was an old painting that wasn't doing it for me anymore. I utilized the perfectly good material and painted over it, beginning to build up the layers.

I love the way the blues, yellows, and greens swirl into each other and take on this very "marbled" effect. It contrasts very well with the simple ochre and oxide layer.

This is yet another work in progress. I tend to have at least 10 artworks going on at any given time. This one is new though, something I just threw together a couple days ago. I almost considered not doing anything else with it because it looks so interesting and abstract. 

A detail shot of the work in progress.

I've got a few other things brewing around in my studio. I should be completing and releasing these artworks later this week!
Thanks for reading. Stay tuned.


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