Chunky Blue:A Macramé Story

The first time I can remember ever messing around with Macrame, was in 2nd or 3rd grade perhaps. We were learning how to create Lanyards. Even as a young child, I remember the joyfully simplicity of repeating combinations of knots and tying the strings. I relate it to the joy many people feel from conquering a math problem. You follow the equations, plug in the numbers, solve it all up, and eureka! It's done!

From Lanyards, I learned some basic Macramé techniques from my friends, (who learned it from their cooler, older sisters). I began using hemp string, in a natural color, thick gauge, to make very simple jewelry.

After I mastered the basic knots required for most Macramé work, I took off.
I incorporate a wide variety of different objects and things into my jewelry. It is often very colorful, (yet matching and tasteful), chunky and organic. I use wide varieties of cords and strings, multiple colors and types. I also incorporate glass, plastic, wooden beads, seashells, and more. 

My latest creation is Chunky Blue.

"Chunky Blue" by Kaylee Hinrichs.
Jewelry, Bamboo threads, Hemp threads,
wooden beads, glass bead, button. April 2011.

It's been a challenge to decide whether or not to sell things I create (besides my mixed media work). Especially so with the Macramé Jewelry. I've created dozens of really awesome bracelets and necklaces which I give away. I've also sold a few to people, and made hundreds of things just for myself.
I feel like such an idiot for never taking pictures of any of the jewelery I made over the years.

But there's no time to start like the present.


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