Artist Trading Cards

I recently finished my Artist Trading Cards for the month of February. Somehow I became busy, and my commitment to create a set of 6 cards each month fell by the wayside. I decided not to kick myself too hard for not finishing them by the end of February, considering the cards are just for myself.

The theme for the month of February is typically love, or something having to do with that matter. Since this is my first year of cards, I thought I would follow suit and see if I could do something different with it.

I wanted to stay away from hearts, the word "love", and any other common symbols. I ended up with something that I think is rather unique and special.

Pink, the color of love, is splashed about on each card. The brown paper on each card is from the bouquet of flowers I received for my anniversary with Daniel. The two white doves, obvious symbols of love. The feathery, realistic birds are mine. And the other more detailed, designed doves are Daniel's.

"Love" February ATC Collection. (6 of 6)
By: Kaylee Hinrichs
Additional Design: Daniel Icaza
Dictionary, fancy paper, inks, acrylics, watercolor
Feb. 2011 - March 2011
2 1/2in. x 3 1/2in.

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