Mixed Media: Sneak Peek

my painting area

This is a sneak peek of my newest mixed media series! I'm very jazzed up about this series. It does so much for me and they look intense and beautiful in person. If you love texture and layers, you will love these paintings I'll be releasing soon.

I've been banging my head on a wall, trying to find meaning in why I keep creating these paintings.
Today, I had a sort of revelation. (I wrote a simplified version of this on my arm when I thought of it.)
"I take order, perfectly organized paints and jars of pigments and colors, and throw them onto a canvas. Thus, I create chaos. As the painting continues, shapes emerge and ideas along with them. So, I tone back the chaos, bringing order back into the artwork.  But eventually, I get bored with the order and invite more chaos. The work continues to evolve this way, growing and changing. It is complete when it tells me a story about it's journey and the idea behind it."
This body of work is the one I'm identifying with most right now. I'm intending to pursue exploring this exciting new way of creating art that I've discovered.

 I will most likely be keeping one or two of the originals from this first series, but I'm putting the rest for sale and those to come after. If you want to keep tabs on when I release these artworks, follow this blog, or bookmark my art website.


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