Matchbook Art: "Eighteen Years" & "Happiness"

I have an affinity for up-cycling trash into art. I especially have a soft spot for small, little boxes which can hold tiny treasures. After a good hunt, I came up with two empty matchboxes and decided to see if I could make them into "art".

Materials: dictionary paper, magazine paper, threads, collage, inks, twigs, hemp, beads, resin bottle caps, paper butterflies, a fortune, acrylic.
Text: Look around; happiness is trying to catch you.
Photo: Bob Marley

"Eighteen Years"
Materials: magazine paper, dictionary paper, collage, maps, inks, acrylic paint, tea bag tags, beads, colored hemp string.

I've come to the conclusion that I am completely obsessed with making matchbook art. And it's actually very fun, but takes a lot of time, thought, and consideration for themes and concepts. 

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