These Things

(Vaporqualquer | Don't Grow Up Print)

(RiverLuna | Blue Feather Print // Little Alexander | Waves Notebook)

(ZenThreads | Eat Honey Tee // SeaAndAsters | Green Plant Vessel & Air Plant
Marisa Redondo | Watercolor Fox Print // RustyKeys | Raccoon Tooth Necklace)

(Rainnua | Carina Nebula Galaxy Necklace // PeifferStudios | Hive Ring

These are my favorite handmade items I've discovered throughout the course of 2012. I would love to have them all under my tree this year! I'm especially smitten with the galaxy prints and journals. (I can never have enough of them.)

I love buying and receiving handmade gifts. Handmade items have such a heartfelt quality to them. Also, being an artist myself, I love supporting other creatives by sharing their work with others.

Check out these shops, full of handmade goodness, and get your last-minute shopping done!
(If you are looking to give the gift of art this season, take a peak at my ArtShop!)

Happy Holidays everyone!

peace & love,

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  1. i've been eyeing those galaxy necklaces for ages. might treat myself to one in 2013.