ARTLOVE: A Little Painter

(clockwise; all artworks by A Little Painter
1. Cinpila // 2. Allegro // 3. Cascades
4. Early Summer Rain // 5. Torico // 6. Kettle

I happened upon these incredible artworks by A Little Painter. I'm enchanted by the texture, color, and liveliness of each piece. (They are right up my alley.) The paintings, in particular, caught my attention with their dynamic shapes and movements. Something about abstract art always fascinates me, you can pull so much emotion and meaning from the shapes/colors. See more paintings, drawings, and other artworks by A Little Painter.

A Little Painter | Paintings, Drawings, Art

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  1. i fall in love with stuff like this. it's so interesting. have you ever heard of henrik drescher? he does similar things that i love love.

    1. Hey Kirsten!
      I've never heard of Henrik Drescher before, but I just looked up his work. Wow! I looove his pieces, they are so textured and crazy. Thanks for sharing his work, I really enjoy it! xx